WORKSHOPS for Real Life.

RLCC offers a variety of workshops that are open to the public about Real Life Topics. Some topics currently offered or in development are weight loss and healthy living, preparing for a new baby, Attachment and Bonding, and Intentional Parenting. Other topics will be added as they are developed.

Payment and Registration is required and space is limited.


7/15 or 8/19: 10am-3pm

You’re working hard to prepare for baby...Don’t you think you should spend some time preparing for the hardest, most rewarding job of your life?

This full day seminar offers 4 hours of interactive learning to begin to plan and prepare to be the parent you dream of being. Topics addressed include:Understanding your (and your partner’s) expectations, hopes and dreams,How your past and present affect your parenting and your children’s future, Maternal (and Paternal) mental health concerns, Big picture child development and why it matters, Why the first 3-5 years are so important and how to make the most of them, Enhancing attachment and bonding with your child and Creating a personal parenting philosophy.

There will be a one-hour lunch break for participants to enjoy lunch on their own at one of the many nearby restaurants.

Space is Limited. $100/ person or$175/couple

Your Healthy Weight: Overcoming the Mental and Emotional Challenges to Achieve your Health Goals

7/18 6:30pm-8pm

The science has been right for a while: if we eat right and move more our bodies get fit and healthy. So if it is that "easy," then why aren't we a society of filled with physically fit individuals? Because those aren't easy things! There are a lot of mental and emotional barriers to weight loss. In this short 90-minute introduction, we will discuss some of the biggest underlying challenges to health and fitness and participants will be given concrete ways to start making a change in their lives to reach their goals.

Registration coming soon!