95% of individuals who lose weight, regain it, often regaining more than they originally lost!!

The reason for this is simple: they did it wrong! Don't be one of them.

Weight Loss & Fitness Support

Losing weight and pursuing a healthy lifestyle change isn't easy, especially when you want permanent results. Most people just focus on diet and exercise.  While there is no doubt that these are indisputably important, they are just the tip of the iceberg. To achieve lasting lifestyle and health change, one must address the underlying issues: beliefs, history, emotions, habits and will power.

I have created a variety of services to support individuals in this journey:

  • A 90 minute introductory workshop- This workshop will give information to being the deeper journey to health and wellness, including practical things you can start immediately to make changes. Contact me today to find out when and where the next one is.  Space is limited.
  • A 6 week group- this group dives deeper into the topics covered in the workshop.  This is an opportunity to get more personal and uncover new ways to be successful on your journey while supporting each other in a group setting.
  • Individual Counseling- For a lot of people, there are some underlying emotional issues and history that needs to be addressed that they would like to address one on one.  This can be done in conjunction with the other services, or independent of them.

CONTACT me today to begin a deeper journey to  weight loss and/or fitness.