Therapy is absolutely an investment and one that shouldn't be taken lightly. Good news though, research has found that when clients are invested financially in their therapeutic process, they are more likely to be successful and in shorter amounts of time. So the investment is truly worthwhile!

FREE 15 minute Phone Consultation!

​30 minute face to face introduction and consultation $25

Methods of Payment:

I take cash, check and credit cards. I can also take HSA cards. Payment is due at the time of service. NSF checks will be charged an additional fee.

Payment Plans:

For clients for whom a payment plan may be necessary, I am able to work with clients on a case by case basis.  Please inquire if this would be helpful for you.


One-45 minute therapy session: $100

One- 90 minute therapy session: $150 (best for families and couples)

Groups- each 90 minute session is $50 per participant. If paid in a package, it is buy 5 get one free.

* For Clinical Supervision, please contact for rates.


I offer discounts for clients who want to prepay for a package of sessions.  When we meet together to discuss your goals in therapy, we can discuss different options which might be available, each package is designed individually based on session lengths, frequency and duration.

Adjusted Rates:

For clients with significant financial barriers to services, I do offer a limited amount of adjusted rate time slots.  Factors that are taken into consideration are income, family size and unique situations.  Please ask if this would help you to seek the help you need.


One of the most commonly asked questions for therapists is do we take insurance. I do not take insurance for several reasons, one of which being the protection of my clients.  In order to have insurance pay for therapy or counseling services, a mental health diagnosis must be entered into the permanent health record of that client.  Many reasons a client seeks help from a therapist don't actually qualify to be reimbursed by insurance including: life transitions, marriage or relationship issues, family or parenting issues, clarifying life goals, etc. Because of this, as well as the fact that avoiding the bureaucracy of insurance allows therapists to truly focus on providing the best therapy to their clients, I have chosen to not be listed on insurance panels.  I am happy to provide clients who do meet diagnostic criteria a Superbill to submit to your insurance for reimbursement, as an out-of-network provider.  I can make no guarantees that they will reimburse the services, and payment for services is due at the time of the service.  Also, please note that in order to receive reimbursement, the insurance company may request additional information that would otherwise be confidential.

Investing in your Mental and Emotional Health