When a new baby isn't all joy and giggles....

Maybe you've always dreamed of being a parent, or maybe this was not part of your plan at all. Regardless of where you fall on that spectrum of feelings about a new pregnancy or baby, there are challenges that can come up along the way. First, I want you to know that there isn't anything wrong with you if you have complicated feelings at this stage in life. Whether this is your first baby, or last, both, or somewhere in between, pregnancy and the postpartum period are challenging stages in life, for mom, her partner and the rest of the family.

If you are struggling right now, I am so glad you are reading this. I would be honored to be invited into this journey with you, to overcome the barriers to joy-filled parenting.  In addition to being a mom of 4, my passion as a therapist is helping parents find their joy, their personal mission in parenthood and to thrive in that role. I completed a post-graduate certificate in Maternal Mental Health in order to better serve this population and life-stage, as it is so important to set the stage for the rest of the parenting adventure.


Prenatal Services

Many women struggle with depression and anxiety while pregnant. Do you feel like you are supposed to be bursting with joy, but you just aren't? Are you worried that you and/or your partner aren't ready for this next stage in life? Individual or couples therapy can help you sort through these thoughts, feelings and struggles and help you to feel stronger for the journey ahead.

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Postpartum Services

Baby is here now and you might be finding yourself exhausted to extremes you have never experienced before. If you are struggling with anxiety, feeling overwhelmed and alone, feeling like you just can't shake the sadness and then feeling guilty about feeling sad...there is help and there is hope. Don't just suck it up, get the help you need, it is one of the best things you can do for your baby! I can help moms and dads who are struggling with postpartum depression and anxiety to overcome these obstacles and find the joy in their new little bundles.

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Groups and Classes

You are not alone in this journey and you certainly aren't the first to feel this way.  Groups are forming now for:

  • Newborn Hope: A group for Postpartum Mamas

I also teach a class regularly on Preparing for Parenthood, which is focused more on setting the stage to be the kind of parent you dream of being. It covers goal setting, vision casting, understanding how your own past impacts your family's future, understanding maternal mental health, and working together in a parenting partnership with whomever is on your team. Contact me for more information or Follow Me on Facebook to hear when the next class will be held.

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Pregnancy Loss?

If you are suffering after a miscarriage or abortion, I am here to walk with you to healing. I will miscarriage healing groups available and am always available to walk with you through your grief as you heal from this pain. Women often are surprised how much pain they feel, both physically and emotionally after the loss of a baby. Men are not immune to this pain either. There is hope that you won't always feel that way.

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