Quality Therapeutic Services

Specializing in Families and Parenting, Women's Issues, Relationships and Personal Fulfillment

A variety of groups and classes will be offered soon.  If you are interested in any of these options, please contact us so we can notify you as they become available.
* Purposeful Parenting
*Postpartum Healing and Support
*Pregnancy Loss- Healing Together

*Weight Loss Support
​* More to come...

One of my greatest passions is helping families thrive. Parenting, when done well, is one of the hardest and most rewarding jobs possible. Many parents seek family counseling because they are struggling with one or more of their children. I love seeing how empowering the parents can make a world of difference in a family.  I work with families, primarily counseling them in their own homes. If you remember the TV shows where a nanny would come in and help the family work through issues and become stronger, it's like that, only with the training and expertise of a licensed counselor. If you are looking for real change in your family, call today so we can start your family on a road to thriving. 

Relationships are fun, wonderful and exciting....except for when they aren't.  I believe that all couples can use tune-ups.  Whenever you put two imperfect people into a relationship, you are bound to have bumps in the road.  Working with a trained therapist can help you smooth out some of the bumps and help you have a stronger, more satisfying relationship. Are you up for the challenge? 
Pre-engagement, Pre-marital and Marital packages are available, as well as counseling for unmarried couples.

Any number of things can come up in a person's life which can make them want to seek therapy. In fact, seeking help may be one of the most sane things a person can do.
I help clients quickly identify areas they want to grow in and walk with them as they work toward acheiving their goals.  No two clients are alike but I seek to meet the client where they are at and help them to make quick progress.  I don't believe most clients need to become a permanent client, seeing a therapist for years. Rather, I love when my clients "fire" me because our work is done, knowing my door is always open if they desire to return. How can I help you grow?