Congratulations on your new baby! 

Whether this baby was a surprise or long-awaited, I believe in celebrating that tiny life!

But...that doesn't mean that this time in life doesn't come with a boat load of emotions that can be overwhelming at times.  That is why I offer a range of services to help make this transition smoother.

Pre- and Post-Natal Support

I am passionate about helping women and families thrive.  I believe in the power of the pregnancy and postpartum period, not only in creating a new life, but in changing the lives of the whole family.  This time is a great time to make healthy changes, and bring new life to a woman’s life, heart and mind.

Mental/Emotional/Relational Preparation for New Baby

Adding a baby to your family is a huge change! I provide an Individual, Couples or Family approach to preparing the family for this change. We can address anxiety, fears and concerns, and life transitions.  Often people bring concerns relating to their own baggage from their childhood, many times feeling inadequate to be a good parent.  Together we can work through whatever might hinder you from being the best parent(s) you can be. For couple who may be hitting a rough patch or having significant relationship issues, it can be helpful to work through relationship issues before baby comes.

Individual Therapy for Postpartum Depression and Anxiety
(Groups will be offered very soon!)

Through therapy, we can address the depression and/or anxiety, teach self-care, coping skills and hands on practical approaches to increase attachment and bonding between mother and baby while overcoming the often difficult emotions that come with the postpartum period..

Attachment and Bonding Facilitation

Bonding and attachment are so very important for both the parents and the children and it doesn't always come naturally or easily. If you or your partner are struggling to bond with your baby, you are not alone! I work with parents and baby through hands-on interactive sessions to facilitate attachment and emotional connection, helping this time to be the beginning of a beautiful story.

Healing from Birth Trauma

Even in the best of circumstances, the birthing process can be both physically and emotionally traumatic.  When birth trauma is not addressed, it can be difficult for the mother to heal, and for healthy bonding and attachment to occur.  If you are struggling with your birth story, if thinking about it brings tears to your eyes that aren't happy, or anger, or resentment, working through that trauma may help.

Pregnancy and Infant Loss Healing

The grief that comes from losing a child, regardless of how early that happens, is unimaginable to those who have not experienced it.  Processing that grief and loss can help you to remember that baby fondly, while finding a peace and being able to continue to move forward.  At this time, I am offering individual sessions, but as demand increases, group sessions will also be offered.

Workshops on a variety of topics for professionals and individuals