Reunification Therapy

Reunification therapy offers therapeutic services for a parent and child or children who have been separated for a period of time or have never had a relationship and are reconnecting.  The purpose of this program is to offer short term, goal focused therapy for the parent and child to begin to build a basis for a future relationship. Typical cases include: after a separation due to imprisonment, after separation due to custody disputes, initial integration as a child or adolescent is introduced to a parent for the first time, after separation due to abuse or neglect allegations or convictions, after drug treatment, or separation due to geographical or other relational constraints.  Reunification therapy is NOT therapeutic supervised parenting time, nor is it a long term substitute for parenting time.  Families will often go on to supervised parenting time through another location or feel comfortable and have the legal freedom to continue to build their relationship through unsupervised parenting time, with or without ongoing therapy.  The therapist does NOT make legal recommendations about custody. More information can be found HERE.

Co-parenting Therapy

For many reasons, parents end up not parenting together under the same roof.  However, research has shown that a successful co-parenting relationship can be a predictor of mental health and emotional stability for the children parents are raising.   Co-parenting therapy can help parents work through issues that they have as related to parenting, in a safe environment that does not unnecessarily dredge up all of the old relational baggage, but focuses on the child or children and how the parents can create a loving, consistent and healthy environment for them, regardless of custody situations.  This can be a great option for families before, during or after divorce.  This is NOT marriage therapy, but rather is focused on creating a healthy co-parenting partnership.

Blending Families

Every family that blends together previously established family units will have their own challenges.  Engaging in therapy before those challenges become problems can set families up for success down the road.  Addressing issues through therapy once problems arise can help families recover faster and build toward a healthier and happier future.  

Parenting Services

Strengthening Families

​Empowering Parents

Intensive In Home Parent Coaching and Family Therapy 

My original vision for this came when watching Supernanny ® years ago and I shared with others my dream of doing In Home work with families as a therapist.   This format is geared toward parents who are often at their wits end with issues they are dealing with in their homes.  They feel caught in endless battles with their children either due to behavioral or emotional issues.  My approach is geared toward understanding the underlying issues, designing a plan to addressing them and then empowering parents to be the change-makers in their own homes.  This format is intensive in hours up front and then decreases over time.  Parents also have the option to  have ongoing services or consultations, in person or via Flex Therapy, to address issues that later come up.