What is Flex Therapy?

Flex Therapy provides a combination of traditional, in-person face to face therapy and online, telemental health.

How does Flex Therapy Work?

You will first comnplete an in-person intake appointment. During this appointment we will talk about your reasons for seeking counseling and how I can best help you moving forward. We will also discuss your interest in Flex Therapy and if it is a good fit.

Together we will decide on a schedule of how frequently you would like to see me in my office, and how often you would like to have online sessions. Two of the many options are 1x/month in office, 3x/month online and 2x/month in office and 2x/month online.

Online sessions are scheduled just like office sessions, and are expected to be canceled if needed.

Online Sessions can be added or substituted for regular face to face sessions when planned ahead of time.  This can be a great option for vacations, holidays, or other scheduling conflicts.

Package deals can be offered at a monthly rate that includes all services for the month at a discounted rate.

Flex Therapy

Why Flex Therapy?

Real Life Creative Counseling is offering Flex Therapy as a creative way to make therapy more accessible to clients, helping it to work with their real life.  Some of the benefits are:

  • Only have to travel to my office 1-2 times per month
  • Reduces time missed from work or away from family
  • Online sessions can occur during lunch hours or other convenient times.
  • As opposed to fully-online therapy, clients still have a traditional therapeutic relationship, working face to face with their therapist, a real live person, and the online portion is merely an extension of that.