Clinical Supervision

Group Supervision for New Graduates

As Demand Allows!

Affordable, professional and challenging the group will offer an opportunity to gain supervision hours while accumulating your clinical hours toward your LPC.  Contact me for more information.

Clinical Supervision is not only a requirement to receive your licensure in the state of Colorado but it can also be key to how you develop as a professional.

One obstacle that many graduates of Masters level counseling programs face is obtaining the supervision they need. Many jobs available to these grads don't include it onsite.  


If you need outside clinical supervision, please contact me and we can discuss if it would be a good fit.  I offer an adjusted rate, as appropriate. I am also looking to offer affordable, monthly group supervision for new professionals to be able to learn from each other's experiences.  


If you are an organization providing counseling services to the community and do not have a clinical supervisor on staff, I can provide on site supervision in group settings as well as blocks of individual supervision.  This provides a great way to ensure  quality services.  Contact me for more information.

Need Supervision?